Pack Hotel + Volcano Lemptégy

Volcanoes ! A fascinating world that leaves no one indifferent.
At 15 kilometers from Clermont -Ferrand , central France, is a unique site in Europe, Volcano Lemptégy .
Browsing the Volcano Lemptégy on foot or by train , alongside a passionate host, apprehend volcanism and share the story of its industrial heritage.
Touching the volcanic bombs , walk along the lava flow between volcanic vents . Discover the deposits from nearby volcanoes , collect different rocks ... With a speech accessible to all, the observation of rocks on the ground will allow you to easily understand how a volcano, seen from the inside ! Five steps punctuate the visit of 2:45 : visit the little train or on foot Volcano Lemptégy - New dynamic 4D film " The Origins " , relive the fate of the Volcano eruptions Lemptégy to today - Attraction " Explosive Mine " - exhibition halls and the film on the life of projection carriers continues!
Our package includes room , breakfast and access ticket site.
Site open from 4 April to 30 October .
This product includes: Lemptegy volcano ticket, directions from the Hotel Pacifique to the park, an overnight stay and breakfast.

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