Activities near the hotel

All the things to see and do that we suggest are within a 30 minute maximum drive from the Hotel Pacifique.

  • Visit Riom, the historic capital of the Auvergne: Web site
  • Visit the Volvic water bottling factory : Web site
  • Visit the Volvic Maison de la Pierre (stoneworks) : Web site
  • Visit the Sources pétrifiantes de Gimeaux : Web site
  • Fancy visiting a royal castle? Visit the royal domain of Randan, on the summit of a hill with a wonderful view : Web site
  • The Mozac Abbey, a hotspot for Roman art in the Auvergne : Web site
  • The Michelin museum, fun, modern, educational, about the history of Clermont-Ferrand, its workers and builders, the history of the Michelin family, famous for tyres and French know-how in everything that is automotive, railway and air and sea. It's all there, the life of Bibendum, the old races and adverts, the first inner tubes and the famous Michelines (rubber-tyre trains). : Web site
  • A bit of city walking... discover the historic centre of Clermont-Ferrand and wander around the shops... : More
  • Go for a stroll around Vichy one day... it's our "little Paris" : Web site
  • If you'd like to go and see a show at the Zénith d'Auvergne, we're a 15 minute drive away. : Web site