Hotel Vulcania

Vulcania is a good compromise between a theme park and culture. It is a new theme park in Europe, about volcanoes. This place is fun, and reminds you just how small you are, compared to the enormity of nature....

We recommend a visit - the park evolves each year... you can go back again and again... The park opens on 20th March 2019 for the season. We can offer you our packages, with entrance tickets held at the Hotel Pacifique reception for you, along with directions to get from the hotel to the park. Let us take care of it for you, so you can go and enjoy Vulcania, stress-free.
We'll also tell you about the largest volcano on Earth, the base of which is in the Pacific"

Vulcania Package:

This product includes: Vulcania tickets, directions from the Hotel Pacifique to the park, an overnight stay and breakfast.
If you would like a personalised offer or additional information, or quite simply a quote, please feel free to email us:
we will respond within a maximum of 24 hours.